Statement: Lybster Community Hall

In 2016, LLCCDC was requested to provide short term assistance in overseeing the running of the Community Centre by the existing Community Centre Trustees.  This was due to difficulties in recruiting office bearers within Lybster Community Association (LCA).

Since this time, LLCCDC has provided LCA with support.  This has included liaising with the Charities Commission to update regulatory paperwork and undertake other minor administrative activities.

Unfortunately, in recent days, a number of rumours and inaccuracies have been directed at LLCCDC office bearers / staff regarding their involvement with the Community Centre.

For clarification, LLCCDC wish to confirm:

  1.  We do not oversee the running of the Community Centre – a new committee was elected at the LCA AGM in July 2018.
  2.  We do not own the Centre, any of its equipment, fixtures or fittings and we have not been asked to do so.  These are managed by LCA and ultimately the Trustees.
  3.  We have not been asked to, or have intimated any interest in purchasing the Centre.

Queries or concerns regarding LCA business, accounts or other affairs should be taken up with the relevant LCA office bearer.

LLCCDC is actively working within our community, and will continue to support local groups and organisations when requested.

Many Thanks

Andrew Gunn

Chair of LLCCDC