Maintenance Training: Dry Stone Walling Repair

Update on the Dry Stone Walling Project at Lybster Golf Course

Last year, a small project was undertaken to erect a dry stone wall at the second tee at Lybster Golf Club. The original wall had seen better days, and as part of the Lybster Tool Shed pilot scheme, the aim was to use local resources to build a new wall.

With a big thank you to Mark Mancini and the rest of the team over at Spittal Quarry, we were given the flagstone for free. The wall was built toward the end of last year

However, over the course of some months, the team had noticed that a few well meaning golfers often stood on the wall to oversee their shot, and the top layer of the wall was ‘loosening’ in places.

Therefore, earlier this month (Aug 2017), the lads decided to cement the top layer of wall as a precautionary method

We will be looking at setting up a similar course in early 2018. In the meantime, anyone interested in signing up to this class, please contact us on 01593 721283 or



Mixing cement in preparation for the top layer of wall
Bob and Marshall cementing the top layer of wall, accompanied by rain and midges!!
Bob using his ‘square bubbled’ spirit level (well that’s what he told us!)