About us

Latheron, Lybster and Clyth Community Development Company (LLCCDC)

The Company was formed in June 2006, we are a company limited by guarantee with open membership, currently standing at 91.  Members must be resident in the Latheron, Lybster and Clyth Community Council area with post code KW3 or KW5 and be 18 years of age or older.

We work closely with the local community to identify local needs.  We encourage all in our community to get involved and participants on courses/activities to date have ranged from 7 yrs old to 85 yrs old from a variety of social backgrounds, live in the South East Caithness area which covers post code areas KW3, KW5, KW6 and KW7 covering 220 square miles with a population of approximately 1,800.

Staff team

Centre & Development Manager 

Alex Henderson

Maintenance Officer – Vacancy currently advertised

Cleaning Operative – Lybster Public Toilets 

Alison Wares

Cleaning Operative – Lybster Public Toilets – Alison Wares

Board of Directors 

Mr Andrew Gunn  Chairperson 

Mr Neil Buchanan
Vice Chairperson 

Mrs Jackie Paul 

Mr Michael Bullen 
Mr Angus Mackay 
Mrs Chris Almond 
Mrs Jacqui Newman 
Mr Bob Somerville