Photography Summer School For Young People

Our photography summer school for young people has now been completed, with four young people benefiting from over 30 hours of photography tuition. It has been a great success with our very own local photographer Angus Mackay at the helm, teaching the class the basics of using DSLR cameras, covering key areas such as exposure, lighting and composition, as well as other techniques such as using different lenses and tripod use.

From left to right: Findlay Gunn, Mackenzie Gordon, Skye Waterston, Eilidh McPhee
Photo taken by Angus Mackay

With the help and funding from Lybster & Tannach Fund (Burn of Whilk), LLCCDC were able to purchase a number of photography kits to use with the course, and students were able to take the equipment home to familiarise themselves with using the various pieces of gear that most professional photographers use on a daily basis.

Furthermore, since the course has been completed, we have now partnered up with Northlands Glass who have been more than happy to allow us to do a photo assignment with the students on the 11th August (Sunday). The students will be able to take some photos of the various workshops taking place with world renowned artists (glass blowing). For more information regarding this event, go to

There will also be an exhibition of the students work in the Autumn (dates to be announced, watch this space)

For more information on the work of Angus Mackay, go to

For more information on the Lybster & Tannach Fund, go to

Finally, a big thanks to Angus for all his dedication and hard work, Linda Bremner and the Lybster & Tannach Board for awarding us the grant, and finally, the four young people who gave up their summer holidays to take part in this exciting (and challenging) class.

In the meantime, here’s a small section of photos taken by our students. Enjoy!

Findlay Gunn

Mackenzie Gordon

Skye Waterston

Eilidh McPhee