Lybster Toilets

The board of directors at LLCCDC recently had a meeting to discuss the feasibility of reopening Lybster Toilets. Having conducted a detailed consultation last year, the closure of the public toilets was a major concern for most people.

A recent article by the Highland Council indicated that public toilets and litter bins were now high priority given the flow of tourists to the area. (see this link)

Therefore, the board agreed to take on the lease to the building on a month-to-month basis. Given that the toilets have been closed for over two years, it is no surprise that they are cosmetically in poor condition at the moment. LLCCDC have submitted applications for funding  to make some improvements to the toilets and also to employ a part-time cleaner.

We are aiming to open the facilities in time for the summer holidays but this will be dependent upon successfully securing funding. LLCCDC will also be making a financial contribution.

We welcome any comments and suggestions from the community with regards to improving these facilities and we are sure you will support us in keeping this essential service open to the general public.

For more information, please contact Tom on (01593) 721283 or drop us an email at